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All day City Tour - Private Tour

By Taste Rio Tours




8 hours


All Days

Start time:


What's Included?

Guide, Driver & Tickets

We combine City tour with great food! Come and see the must-see attractions of Rio and have a delicious Brazilian meal during the tour.

Ready to explore Rio de Janeiro in a different way? We deliver the main attractions of the city and add our personal touch to it with a great Brazilian meal and some local spots out of the beaten path! And of course at the end of the tour we deliver a PDF with our food and restaurant recommendations.

Food Tour description

Every true Brazilian enjoys going to a bar to drink and eat with friends while having conversations about anything, with this in mind we created this tour to show you how this works and why it's a fantastic way to get to know our bar and food culture.

We will explore 4 (four) different bars exploring from seafood to pork and beef, although this is mainly a food tour, we will also explore different drinks in each one of them. We aim to get you off the beaten path and enjoy the bars of Copacabana from a Local's point of view. 


The Bars

The Food

The Drinks

The Story

The Recommendations

We will go to 4 (four) different and very local bars.

We will explore from seafood to pork and beef dishes. 

We will enjoy from Beer and Local Drinks to Wine and Caipirinhas

Every bar has a story and we will be sharing these with you throughout the tour

We will share with you a PDF with our recommendations and suggestions on where to eat in Rio de Janeiro.

Murillo Pijnappel, Your host

Born in Rio de Janeiro, raised in the Netherlands. Murillo looks foreign, but is a true Carioca. His passion is food, bars, Fluminense and his Wife (not exactly in this order, of course). 

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